Welcome Back…

So, I’m back.  I know, what a surprise.  You go on vacation a couple of years ago, and leave us hanging…

I know, I know.   I owe you a vacation story or two.  They are forthcoming.  I just need to get a few things off of my chest.

My relationship with the blog is complicated.  Well, what isn’t, right.  But for some reason I really couldn’t bring myself to do any writing, or reading (other than newspapers) for a very long time.  I am technology addled, and I know it.  I’ve known for a while that technology has really re-wired my brain.  It’s insipid and insidious, I know it, and I make my living in technology (on one form or fashion).  So, one of the things this has caused is that I find it difficult to just sit and do something…read, write, watch a game, whatever.  I need the dopamine hit from constant twitter updates, what’s the latest nonsense from Washington, whatever.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend that has written a couple of novels.  It more or less snapped me out of this technology funk.  We discussed writing in general and I bounced a few things off of her.  She recommended a couple of books about writing for me to read.  I did, and well, I read one of those books then moved on to some pleasure reading.  Her novel.  I’ve owned a copy of it for years, and started and stopped it a few times. But like I said, I was out of the fog.  I read the book from (virtual) cover to cover over a weekend.  If you are in need of a great book, I cannot recommend enough “The Arsonists Last Words” by Alison Lockwood.  You can read excerpts here.  It’s available wherever you buy digital books.

I guess what this is is a multiple paragraph thank you to Alison for yanking me out of my malaise.  I mean, here’s a blog post and everything, with a couple more to follow today, I expect.

One other note, I’m trying my hand at fiction.  I’ve had an idea in my head for ever.  It’s a scene, really.  I’ve reworked it a few times, and I really don’t know what it is yet.  But I’m inspired to try and figure it out.  It may end up here, on this site, or on another one I have, or, honestly, it may never see the light of day, other than my laptop screen.  I guess the news is, for me anyway, is that I’m trying to be the writer I would really like to be

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