Volume 2 Number 1- Post 15

As I was saying…


Yes, I know it’s been awhile.  I’ve not been writing, mostly because I wasn’t.  I’ve found that when you are looking for one, excuses are extremely easy to find.  I’m committing to writing again, we’ll see if it leads somewhere.  To re-introduce you, here’s something from my archives.  It never quite made it to the site.

“What a drag it is getting old…”

I realized a new meaning of that sentiment last week, and it frankly surprised me a little bit.  Not that getting old is a drag (…it sure beats the alternative…) but rather how it was revealed to me.  Through some terrible uninteresting circumstances, I was working not from my home office, but the dining area, and this gave me access to the digital music channels on my cable television system.  I threw on one of the “alternative hits” channels, fairly standard operating procedure for me.  They list the year the songs are released as they play there, and I had an unsettling discovery.  Nearly every song I liked/remembered/whatever was 20+ years old.  Yikes!!  When the hell did I get so uncool?? (I know, I was never truly cool, but it’s my blog…humor me!  J )

And as I am writing this, the point gets hammered home to me again.  Here’s that story.  I’ve taken to writing at a coffee shop/bar and restaurant and I was waiting for some coffee.  There is a craft beer cooler at the counter, and I noticed a seaweed ale.  I mean, I knew about the craft beer movement, it wasn’t lost on me, but yeesh…seaweed ale?  The barista assured me its good, it doesn’t taste like seaweed, but wow, I really am old.  My drinking days are certainly behind me.

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