Volume 1 Episode 13

Volume 1 Episode 14

Bloggers Note:  This was initially scribed in early October, and then promptly ignored for several months.  I’m editing and posting this in March, but the feelings still ring true.

Welcome Back My Friends to the show that seemed to end…

With all apologies to Emerson Lake and Palmer, I’m back after another hiatus of blogging, with some fairly significant news to report/muse about/chat about, etc.

I had a heart attack two weeks ago.  I was at home, waiting to go to bed, watching television and started having some significant chest pain.  It was accompanied with abject panic, which is what ultimately convinced me to go to the hospital.  I had a heart catheterization, angioplasty, and a stent inserted into my artery.  The fine folks that performed the procedure informed me I dodged the “widow-maker”.  So to say the least, I’m lucky to be here scribing this for you (me?)

I am feeling much better now, getting stronger each day, and enjoying that fact, frankly.  I was cleared by my cardiologist to go back to work, and I am planning on doing so in a few days.  I am in no particular hurry to go back to the grind (see all previous blog entries above).

So, some important life lessons have been learned from this, starting with don’t sweat the small stuff.  Seriously, it’s been a change.  I actually do have some patience.  Those that know me well will be surprised by that, but it is true.  More importantly, I learned that I actually do want to make something of whatever time I have on this earth.  If you were inside my head, or if I was being completely honest before this happened, I wouldn’t have said that.  I’ve known since I was a child that I was going to die young.  It’s a familial thing, but as a child I could never imagine living past 35.  Now here I am in my late 40s, and I am not done.  There is something more left for me.  I don’t know what it is yet, but I hope that there is something to be said for the fact that I am looking for it.  The act of starting this blog, and the “journey” I’ve been on for the last several months are certainly evidence of the fact that I have been here at some level for some time, but I was convinced that my health was going to cause me to die soon, and this episode is in some ways like hitting a “reset” button for me.

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