Volume 1 Episode 12

Volume 1 Episode 12

With apologies to the Kinks, “…back where we started…”

So I’ve been at this for a little less than 6 months, and I guess its time to take stock of where I am now, with respect to where I was when I started this blog.  I was reminded of a portion of the lyrics from the Kinks song “Do It Again”.  In many regards, my situation hasn’t changed.  I am still working for a LMNC, and still not excited about it.  In another regard, I have changed a lot, so my situation is the same, I’m not.  What really stuck me were the lyrics to the entire song, available here.  It describes to me the hamster wheel that corporate America has really become.  It seems like the harder I try, I can’t seem to get off of the wheel.  Someone used a term with me a while back that really resonated with me, golden handcuffs.  It’s apt.  I want out, off, whatever, but I am tied to the life now.  I like the fact that I make a good living.  (We’re back to the first post of this blog, aren’t we??)  I really need to re-dedicate myself to finding something else in my life.  I don’t know what that is yet.  I know that the writing is a great tool, that’s why I’m back so soon (2 days after the last post.)  Writing forces me to think about this.

Maybe it’s time to start “publicizing” the blog, and see if that leads anywhere.  I have consciously avoided doing so up to this point.

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