Episode 8

So I’ve been remiss lately, I’ve been ignoring my blog.  It’s partially intentional, and partially inertia (again??).  There are a couple of things at work here, and to ease myself back into writing, here they are.

First, and probably most important, is the fact that what were supposed to be the next 2 to 3 entries in my blog and deeply personal, and emotional about what has happened in my life in the past.  A friend of mine was asking me a few weeks ago what I was going to write about, so I told him.  I had shared part of the story with him previously, but not in such detail and backstory.  (Can you imagine the asides I had in that conversation?)  The point of telling you this is to illustrate how I typically come to write my entries.  I get an idea, and start to mull it over.  After an undefined period of mulling I sit down in front of the keyboard, and well, let ‘er rip.  Well, the process if telling the story was nearly the same as writing the ideas here.  I was spent after telling him.  It’s an emotional wringing out that takes a while to recover from.  I’m probably going ot commit that story to the blog later today, or this week depending on the second item below.

Next, and more excitingly, I think, is the fact that I am taking a writing course.  Michigan State University, my alma mater, is offering a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to prepare people for college level writing.  I am probably not in their target audience, but I’m taking it anyway.  It’s been a long time since I was in college, so I know my skills are rusty.  I also know that any instruction or guidance is only going to improve my writing.  So here goes…Another journey, and I promise more writing soon.

By the way, if you’re out there, I’d love to know it.  Please feel free to comment, or email me at paul@pauls-words.com

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