Episode 3

So, an odd thing happened on the way to this blog post.  Sometimes when you go looking for answers, you actually find some, and sometimes you just find more questions.  I was all set to write something about hockey, and why it means so much to me, in light of the fact that Sunday (as I write this) was the 85th birthday of Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe.  I was rolling the ideas around in my head before committing them to paper (or virtual paper, I’ll stop with the asides at some point, I hope.)  I’m not yet ready to take you through the answer/question/riddle I’ve discovered.  I’ll get there eventually.  This entire thing is a bit new to me, and I’m not yet ready for it to be “out there”.  The answer/question/riddle isn’t anything really new.  I’ve known it for a long time.  I’m finding there is a great difference in knowing something, and accepting it, or owning it, whatever term you want.  It’s odd.  I’m beginning to think the solution here is to write it out.  Maybe I will, and you won’t see if in the original draft.  Right now, I think I need to ponder this a bit further.  I’m accepting it, and will commit it to paper very soon.

Here’s another interesting thing, to me anyway.  I shared the first two “posts” to friends of mine.  Both of them are writers.  I received nothing but positive and encouraging feedback.  Well, to be honest, I was on cloud nine.  It may have been cloud 9000 for as good as I was feeling about me.  Then, the revelation question/riddle above came to be, and now, it’s like I’m paying for all of the good I was feeling earlier.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on cloud nine, just not 9000 anymore.  The act of writing is tremendously helpful.  Thank you to those who have been supportive and encouraging.  I couldn’t do this without their help!

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