Episode 2

Volume 1 Episode 2

OK, a little bit about me.  I’m a 40 something staring down another birthday.  I work for a large multi-national corporation, with all of the baggage and finery that comes with doing so.  I make a good living, and have had wonderful things written about me by the people that I have worked for  for the last several years.  Even in jobs I haven’t liked, I’ve done a good job.  By all independent accounts, I’m successful.  Yet unfulfilled.  That’s why I’m here, I guess.  I’m looking for an outlet that will interest and excite me, because the daily war that I fight for the large multi-national isn’t doing it for me anymore.  (I need an acronym for the large multi thing…maybe LMNC??)

I recently decided that I needed to make changes in my life.  I retained the services of a career coach (yeah, I know, I’m not trying to show off, it sounds pretentious).  I worked with this person a few years ago when the last LMNC I worked for decided it no longer needed my services.  Her job then was to help me in the career transition.  I kept her contact information, and have retained her now.  I explained that working for the LMNC was unfulfilling, and needed to change.  We were working towards finding a transition to a nonprofit.  I was looking for meaning to my work.  Maybe it’s out there.  I’ve recently been giving this considerable thought, and I’ve decided that I LIKE all the trappings of working for a LMNC; I like the income, the benefits, etc.  I’m really not willing to give a lot of that up.  So it means I have to make peace with the LMNC, and again, it’s why I’m here, writing this.

As mentioned above I’ve always loved newspapers, Writers.  I’m also a music geek.  A dear friend calls me a music historian.  Maybe.  I just love music.  I’ve been a rocker for a long time.   Wordsmiths who can put their thoughts and feelings to beats and melodies are dear to me.  I’m not a musician, so maybe this is my hit record.  (I know this isn’t a hit.  You get the idea…)

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