Episode 1

Volume 1 Episode 1

I can hear you now.  “…Good Grief!  Another blog?!?”

Yep.  Another one.  This one mine.  Welcome to my world.

Why another blog? Really I don’t have a great answer for you, other than this is an exercise for me, not necessarily for you.  I hope that this connects with you (individually and the collective you) but, I’m not writing this with you in mind.  Yet.

I have been looking for something for quite a while.  I didn’t know what it was I was looking for, and this idea was presented to me.  It resonated.  Immediately.  So here goes.  This is my way of being creative, of serving that part of me that is not being served in corporate america.  Maybe this is the answer.  Maybe this leads to the answer.  Maybe the answer is just looking for the answer.  You’ll know when I know.

Since I made the decision to do this earlier this week, and told some folks that I was doing this, I’ve been asked ever time “What are you going to write about?”  My answer is “Yes.”  I’m not trying to be flippant, or dismissive, I’m really trying to be open.  I’m not going to write a music blog, a cigar blog, a hockey blog, a politics blog or a tiddlywinks blog.  All of those are likely topics for me.  OK, not the tiddlywinks, but you get the idea.  All of those things resonate with me.  I have things to say about all of them.  And other things.

I have had a bunch of thoughts on the format/style/substance of this.  I’ve bounced between them in my head, as I was “mentally composing this” The pseudo conversational style resonates in me.   Most folks have an internal monologue. I have an internal conversation.  Another idea was to turn this into my personal “column”.  I’ve long loved newspapers, and have enjoyed the words of those who have that title.  This is my opportunity to “be one”.  I’m not claiming I’ve earned it, or that I have the talent to be one either.  But cyberspace offers me this, so maybe I take advantage of it.

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